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Ailola Certificate

Nobody goes home empty handed from Ailola Cape Town. In fact, not only do we deliver quality English courses, we also award students who meet the requirements of their program with the prestigious Ailola Certificate. Use it for work or academia, or even to hang on your bedroom wall.

Join once – Get certificate twice

Upon completion of your English course at our language school in Cape Town you will get 2 certificates:

  • Physical certificate: Hang it on the wall of your room to remember the good times
  • Digital certificate: Use it to apply online or to include in your social profiles (Powered by Piranjas)

Show your skills

The Ailola Certificate is your chance to document your achievements with the English language. No easy feat! To be eligible, you must complete 80% of your lessons, reach your course's full duration and achieve the milestones of the language level you're aiming for.

Ailola Certificate

Haven't you received your Ailola certificate yet? Please contact us at [email protected].

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