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Combi Courses in Cape Town

Our combination English courses in Cape Town are aimed at those students who simply want the best of both worlds! Are you one of them? A mix of group and private courses, we'll capitalize on these two distinct study environments for an integral English-language learning experience. Find your spot today!

Course InformationCombi English Courses

Group Course 30 + Private Course 5

In our English combi course in Cape Town, students benefit from the group learning environment in the morning before delving into an extra hour-long private course in the afternoon. Truly the best of both world!

Your time schedule: Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 16:30.

  • English LessonsLessons: 30 x 50 mins. (Group)
    5 x 50 min. (Private)
  • ParticipantsParticipants: Min. 2 Max. 10
  • AgeAge: Min. 16 years
  • DurationDuration: Min. 1 week
Note: In the event that there are no other students in the group component of your English combi course in Cape Town, your group classes will be converted into 35% less private classes at no additional cost.

What's included?

English Combi Course in Cape Town
  • Pre-arrival orientation via telephone, e-mail or Skype
  • Free placement test to find the right English combination course in Cape Town for you
  • South African Student ID for discounts across Cape Town and beyond
  • Full school and English combi course orientation on the first Monday of classes
  • Free use of our resource library
  • Free afternoon activities
  • Personalized assistance to help you find accommodation and volunteering opportunities in Cape Town
  • Ailola Cape Town Welcome Pack including maps, brochures and more
  • WiFi access and use of Ailola Cape Town's computers
  • 24-hour emergency line
  • Ailola Lingua Certificate upon completion of your Cape Town combi English course

More questions about your English combination course in Cape Town? Get in touch today!