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English Courses for Oil & Gas Workers

Africa is on the move and no more so than in its oil and gas sector. Ailola Cape Town has responded to the trend by designing our very own tailor-made English Oil & Gas Workers course. The Cape Town based program is aimed at companies looking to internationalize their local personnel's skill set through improved English-language skills.

We want you!

English Course for Oil and Gas Workers in Cape Town

Oil and gas firms from far and wide turn to the English language to ensure their African projects succeed. From liaising with government officials to guaranteeing their personnel understand and comply with safety standards, participants in the sector have a vested interest in ensuring that strong communication skills are standard throughout their operations. Ailola Cape Town invites firms – both local and global – to leave their valued staff members in our hands with the all-inclusive, tailor-made English for Oil & Gas Workers program.

Example program

While we understand that each firm and project is different, our English Course for Oil & Gas Workers is based on a strong understanding of the overall English-language needs of the sector. Here's what an example 2-week program may look like:

  • 20 hours of standard group English over 2 weeks
  • 20 hours of industry-specific English over 2 weeks
  • A focus on workplace safety, drilling vocabulary, radio communication, the preparation of documentation, employment formalities including written leave requests, safety notices, etc.
  • Content that includes but is not limited to measuring and variables, electricity and circuits, production and distribution of gas, drilling problems and solutions, etc.
  • Local accommodation with homestay families (breakfast/dinner included) or at a local hotel
  • Extra-curricular activities in and around Cape Town including weekend trips and discounts to local sites or activities
  • The services of a group coordinator
  • 24-hour emergency line
  • Ailola Cape Town Welcome Pack including maps, brochures and more
  • WiFi access and use of Ailola Cape Town's computers
  • Ailola Lingua Certificate upon completion of the Cape Town English for Oil & Gas Workers course

Our programs are tailored entirely to the needs of each firm. Please reach out to us today for more information about how Ailola Cape Town can design a course that is right for you!