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Our English Teaching Methods

How do you learn English? Immersion, immersion, immersion. Ailola Cape Town's teaching methods are based on our commitment to real-world learning. You'll speak English from day #1 with our superb teaching team. Throw in our extra-curricular opportunities and accommodation options and you've got yourself a winning combination!

Speak English from day #1

At our English school in Cape Town we'll speak English from day #1. But don't worry – we go a little easier on beginners, of course! We also make sure students are in the right language level and feel comfortable engaging with staff and classmates at that same level. And when it comes to exercises, we focus on grammar that favors communication. What we offer to see you succeed:

Cape Town English Teaching Methods
  • Small, personalized classes averaging 4 to 6 students with a guaranteed maximum class size of 10 students
  • An initial placement test to guarantee you're in the right language level, plus a quick oral test on your first day
  • A commitment to internationally-recognized teaching methods based on standardized EU language levels
  • Full orientation to the school, your course and Cape Town on your first day of class
  • Regular testing to ensure your reaching the goals of your course and language level

A team of native English speakers

Not only is Ailola Cape Town locally-owned and operated, it's also run by professional English teachers. And who better than native speakers? Our teaching staff have a minimum 2 years' experience teaching English as a second language, though many have been at it for decades! With a focus on immersion, our teachers offer students the chance to step into the local culture and language through each staff member's deep knowledge of South Africa. Since we're a small school, you'll also have a greater chance to get to know our staff and share your own culture! Read more about our team here!

Complete immersion into the local lifestyle

The best way to learn English is through immersion. How do I do that? Well, it's easy really: you just open your mouth and ears, and give it a go! Through direct exposure to English, you'll have a greater chance at moving forward with your oral, written and comprehension skills. At Ailola Cape Town, we're committed to a real-world approach to language learning. Aside from our English course options, we offer:

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