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Our Team

After more than 15 years in the game, we understand what foreign students expect from an English school in Cape Town. Whether its our world-class teaching standards or the student support of a locally-owned and operated boutique language school, our staff are here to ensure you have an unforgettable experience in our amazing city!


Luanne McCallum

Luanne McCallum – School Director

Not only is Ailola Cape Town locally-owned and operated, it's also managed by a trained English teacher! School director Luanne McCallum is a language teacher by profession, having been active in the industry both locally and abroad. Luanne studied English, Xhosa and Anthropology and was an English teacher in Japan before returning to her native South Africa to open Ailola Cape Town in 1998. Warm and welcoming, Luanne can be found working hard to ensure students' day-to-day experiences in Cape Town are phenomenal!

English Teachers

With an innate knowledge of local culture and the language, our teachers are native English speakers with the qualifications and experience needed to ensure your time with us in Cape Town is an enjoyable and productive one. Not only are our teachers assessed regularly, they are also trained and equipped with the latest methodologies for real-world English use. Here's a little more about them:


Alex – Director of Studies

Alex is Ailola Cape Town's resident director of studies. He completed his CELTA qualifications in 2010, shipping himself off directly to Cape Town where in 2015 he secured his DELTA qualifications. In his first position as director of studies, Alex has developed his own series of teaching workshops. Passionate about aiding the development of his colleagues, you'll also find Alex in the classroom, lazing about on the beach or jogging along one of Cape Town's many beautiful trails.


Izel – English Teacher

As a nature lover, Izel is a perfect addition to the Cape Town landscape, spending her free time in and around the city's majestic sites. Ailola Cape Town's location in the Sea Point neighborhood is as good as its gets for Izel. But she also enjoys getting out and about, intrigued by the city's fusion of cultures and languages. As one of our English teachers, Izel is committed to seeing students contribute to, and get a taste of life in Cape Town.


Candice – English Teacher

Candice is a graduate in SIT TESOL from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. She spent 3 years teaching English in South Korea, before returning to South Africa to build on her skills as an English teacher in beautiful Cape Town. Beyond her enthusiasm for teaching English, Candice's passions include travelling and exposing herself to new cultures and people, including and especially in Cape Town.


Janeen – English Teacher

Janeen has witnessed first-hand the challenges and triumphs that even some South Africans encounter when they learn English, which is one of the country's 11 official languages. Her CELTA qualifications helped Janeen take her real-life experiences with the language into the classroom. An enthusiastic teacher, she encourages students to engage with English in a fun, enjoyable way, mixing in her passion for technology whenever she can.

Office Staff

Graham I'ons

Graham I'ons – Bookings & Inquiries

Graham is Ailola Cape Town's bookings and inquires specialist. And who better? Graham's background is in Education. His 4-year qualification in Education is topped off with his 12 years of experience as a university lecturer in Photography. With his exceptional organizational skills and strong initiative, expect nothing but humor and personality from Graham! He also knows what it's like to live abroad, having spent time in faraway New Zealand.

Lynda Desankov

Lynda Desankov – Student Services

Lynda landed at Ailola Cape Town after a career turnaround in 2002. With an interest in the world beyond South Africa, she left her job as a personal assistant to begin a TEFL course. Lynda completed her CELTA in early 2003 before becoming our school's Director of Studies in 2006, and by early 2014, she was appointed Student Services manager. Despite having a greater role in management nowadays, Lynda remains passionate about teaching and about ensuring students have a wonderful time in Cape Town.

Nancy Hondo

Nancy Hondo – School Keeper

Nancy is one of Ailola Cape Town's longest-serving staff members. She joined the team in 2003, taking on the role of school keeper. Nancy is responsible for carrying out a range of tasks that ensure your time at the school is a smooth and comfortable one. From buying supplies to keeping our facilities clean and orderly, we couldn't do it without her! Nancy is a single mother with one son.

Victoria Mapila

Victoria Mapila – House Keeper

Victoria started working in a part-time role with Ailola Cape Town in 2002. She then took up a full-time job in the hotel industry before returning to us in 2009 as a full-time house keeper. Victoria takes care of our student house, transferring her skills from the hotel industry to ensure students' stays are comfortable and clean. She very much enjoys the chance to share her culture with people from all corners of the globe.