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Start Dates & Holidays

Being the busy teachers we are, you won't mind if we take a few days off every year on national public holidays, right? There aren't many, but they're important to all South Africans. Join us as we party, pray, or remember and rejoice. Find more information about our Cape Town school's start dates and holidays below!

Start Dates

Our courses start each Monday. You can begin private classes on any business day.

Public Holidays 2019

In 2019 Ailola Cape Town English school is closed on the following public holidays in South Africa:

Cape Town vacations
  • January: 01/01 (New Year's Day)
  • March: 21/03 (Human Rights Day)
  • April: 19/04 (Good Friday), 22/04 (Family Day), 27/04 (Freedom Day)
  • May: 01/05 (Worker's Day)
  • June: 16/06 (Youth Day), 17/06 (Youth Day – observed)
  • August: 09/08 (National Women's Day)
  • September: 24/09 (Heritage Day)
  • December: 16/12 (Day of Reconciliation), 25/12 (Christmas Day), 26/12 (Day of Goodwill), 24/12 – 02/01 (School is closed)

Lessons missed on public holidays, when Ailola Cape Town is closed, will not be made up, with the exemption of private classes.