Why learn English? - © Philip Schilling

Why study English?

You might be wondering… Do I really need to know why I should study English? As the world's dominant lingua franca, English might seem an obvious choice. But there's so much more to our language, including a world of benefits for those who choose to study it.


When it comes to expanding your professional outcomes, the importance of strong English-language skills simply cannot be understated. English is the world's true global language. Spoken in more than 60 countries as an official language, it is the dominant tongue in science, commerce, international relations, and more. Did you know that it's also the international language of seafaring and aviation? No matter what your profession, believe us when we say that improved English skills will open doors for you!


English is the go-to language when you're lost in an airport, can't find your hotel, or simply need directions. And the same goes for destinations where English is a native language and those where it is not. Improved English-language skills mean you'll be able to communicate the world over. And in native-speaking countries, since you'll find that many native Anglophones often don't speak a language other than English, you'll have lots of opportunities to practice!


English is a truly fascinating language, having incorporated vocabulary and influences from French, Latin, Greek, Celtic and ancient Scandinavians tongues, and many others. Today, English is the world's dominant language for music, film and television. Time to ditch the subtitles? With stronger English skills, you'll have the chance to pick up on the subtitles of the language in new and exciting ways. Aim for some classic British comedy and you'll understand what we mean!


More universities are turning to English-language instruction as a way of internationalizing their courses and programs. Why? Schools and colleges are keen to attract foreign students and to compete alongside universities in the USA, Canada and Australia for top students, for prestige and for research funding. Find out more about the English exam preparation courses offered at Ailola Cape Town by clicking here!


Forget work and study! How about life and living?! No matter where you choose to live in the world, English-language skills will help you move through the first stages of your experiences abroad. And you may not even want to travel! English is a great language for people simply wanting to read more books and understand more films. Perhaps you want to follow your favorite public figures on social media? In the end, the reasons for learning English are completely up to you!

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