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Volunteering Requirements

Volunteering means a commitment to a cause that goes beyond personal interests. As such, Ailola Cape Town is committed to ensuring its candidates have the right skills and personality types to engage whole-heartedly in their desired projects. Find out below if you fit the volunteering mould!

South Africa Volunteering Requirements:

Township Childcare Volunteering Projects in Cape Town
  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • Minimum 3-week or 6-week commitment to your volunteering project, depending on the project you choose
  • CV + police clearance certificate for HIV/Aids Home of Safety and Community Welfare projects
  • Participants must have international health insurance, including liability and accident insurance
  • A completed Experience Report of at least 500 words upon completion of your volunteering project in South Africa
  • Must qualify for all applicable visa and embassy regulations that correspond to your nationality
  • Have an interest and passion for local culture and volunteering abroad

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